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Weekend workshop with Dina Glouberman

‘Imagination and Transformation’

The most effective time for transformation and new beginnings is the moment when the winds of change are already blowing in one’s life.  Burnout, stress, crisis, confusion, loss, illness, major change: these are all words that let you know that you need to stop, orient yourself and listen to your inner wisdom before you can take your next step.  If you are a therapist, counsellor or consultant, this is the time in your client’s lives that they turn to you for help and are most open to receive it.

This workshop focuses on the three-stage process of transformation: catalyst, turning point, and new beginning. We will be working with imagery at each point to go below everyday thinking and old assumptions to your own unique view of reality. 

Using imagery has the power to deepen and speed up any learning, healing, problem solving, or creative process. You will learn to tap into your “genius imagination,” or “radical imagination” to get a vivid and accurate snapshot view of where you are right now, what has led up to it, and what is possible— as well as to support you to say Yes and map out steps to a new future. In so doing, you will also gain the tools to continue this learning in everyday life or to work more effectively with clients.

This workshop is suitable for people seeking life change, as well as for therapists, counsellors or consultants seeking professional development. It can offer clarity and confidence in your own life, as well as a powerful way to facilitate change in others.  It has the added bonus that clients can take these methods into their own lives to continue their own transformation.

CPD certificates are available.  Dina Glouberman’s book, “You are what you imagine: Three steps to a new beginning using imagework” as well as the MP3 download of all the exercises ( can serve as a text and further training for the workshop.

About Dina Glouberman

Dr Dina Glouberman is an acknowledged expert in the creative imagination. She is the visionary co-founder of Skyros Holidays and the author of four classic books: Life Choices, Life Changes, The Joy of Burnout and You Are What You Imagine, as well as her memoir Into the Wood and Out Again. She is also an international trainer, coach, speaker and psychotherapist. She recently joined the staff faculty of the Tivoli Institute Dublin.

For over thirty years, she has been a pioneer in creating, teaching, and practicing the use of Imagework, the ground-breaking process that harnesses the imagination to guide our lives and create positive life choices and profound life changes. This workshop is an introduction to Imagework.  (

What people say about Dina Glouberman: 

Dina Glouberman is wise and witty and an inspirational teacher. Sue Townsend, author

Dina Glouberman is a home-maker of the spirit. Margaret Drabble, author

'You have changed my life and helped me to have a second chance at living and being happy.”  Course participant 

‘When I did your course in Skyros in 1994, I nicknamed you the Yehudi Menuhin of therapy, and your work reminded me of a fabulous painting with a lot of fine brushstrokes. Now I feel you are actually the art gallery itself.’ Course participant

‘Easily one of the best facilitators in the world today’. Edward Boyne Tivoli Institute.

Workshop fee:

€225 (Tivoli graduates and current students  €195) 
Limited places available. Deposit €50 to secure place)



Tivoli Institute, 24 Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire

Telephone 01-2809178

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