Course Details

Post Graduate Diploma in Supervision

Supervision Training Programme for Experienced Psychotherapists / Counsellors & other  Health Care / Helping Professionals

This professional supervision training course focuses on the Skills, Theory and Practice of Supervision, enabling participants to become competent in the supervision of individuals and groups of psychotherapists and non-therapists while working in a humanistic, integrative and creative way. The course is designed to meet the current criteria for IAHIP & IACP Supervisor training and is suitable for psychotherapists, counsellors and other healthcare professionals. 

Who Should Apply?

  • Psychotherapists / Counsellors who are eligible to supervise according to the criteria as set out by the relevant professional bodies

  • Psychotherapists / Counsellors who are preparing to practice as supervisors

  • Professionals in healthcare, helping professions, community work etc who are responsible for staff supervision and / or are preparing to supervise

Course Content / Learning Outcomes:

  • To be aware of the goals, tasks and functions of supervision and learn how to work with them

  • To be aware of how individuals and groups learn and apply this to supervision

  • To become familiar with reflection and models of reflective practice as a learning tool & to develop the internal supervisor

  • To understand the theory and models of supervision

  • To be able to set up, contract for, maintain and terminate a supervisory arrangement effectively

  • To recognise and understand the supervisory and working relationships in supervision, including development of the supervise

  • To help supervisees use supervision

  • To learn the skills of being a supervisor

  • To work with individuals, groups and organisations in supervision

  • To write supervisory reports and evaluations

  • To be ethically aware and be able to use an ethical decision making process

Learning methods:

  • Role play

  • Lecture / discussion

  • Supervision of supervision

  • Live supervision & video

  • Exercises

  • Tutorial


  • Self, peer and trainer

  • Written assignments


  • €3,200

How to apply:

You can apply directly online here

Appropriate applicants will be offered an interview and places offered upon successful interview.

An interview fee of €30 will apply

Course is run over 16 Fridays and includes two day workshop with Joan Wilmot, visiting supervisior UK

Joan is a supervisor/trainer of supervisors/group workers and co founder of the ' 7 eyed' model of supervision.


Annie Sampson  IAHIP accredited supervisor, MA in Supervision & Reflective Practice

John Hartley  IAHIP  accredited supervisor, MA in Humanistic Psychotherapy


October 2023 to June 2024