Interested in a Career in Counselling & Psychotherapy?

The Tivoli Institute professional programme in psychotherapy is far more than a psychotherapy course. The programme is designed with very clear outcomes in mind. We know that the participants on the programme are seeking to either change their career and establish a new viable career in psychotherapy or to enhance their existing career in the direction of psychotherapy, either full-time or part-time.

The programme is uniquely designed to facilitate career change and to maximize the opportunities for sustainable career advancement in the field of psychotherapy. For example:

  • all clients required to be seen as part of the programme are supplied by the Institute directly or via long-standing and high-quality placement arrangements.
  • as a result programme graduates typically leave the programme with a practice already established ie with about 6 to 9 clients attending them for psychotherapy.
  • Graduates are facilitated to establish group practices for mutual support and to develop client referral sources going forward in a variety of ways.
  • Graduates of the Institute are entitled to apply immediately on graduation for accreditation to the Irish Association for Psychotherapy in Primary Care (IAPPC). Only eight training courses in Ireland are recognised by the IAPPC. In accordance with Government policy as set out in 'A Vision for Change', primary care is the future of psychotherapy in Ireland. Accredited membership of the IAPPC means that doctors and other primary care professionals in the community can have confidence in making referrals. The IAPPC also operates its own referral service for accredited members.
  • The Institute has a network of over 700 graduates (April 2009) working in most parts of Ireland and plans are in place to make the register of Tivoli Institute graduates available to the public and to other professionals via the internet.