Background To The Replica Rolex Cerachrom Bezels

From replica Rolex Cerachrom bezels and their evolution. For decades, ceramic has been the material of choice for bezels thanks to its scratch resistance, hardness and ductility. Many watchmakers have been using ceramic since the mid-1980s. Rolex had a good time until 2005, when it first introduced its ceramic bezel. In lieu of a third-party supplier, Rolex created Cerachrom, its own exclusive patented ceramic bezel. Today the popular Cerachrom bezel has become one of the most coveted features of replica Rolex watches. And it has continued to evolve over the past few years. This is what makes the Cerachrom so special. Before the Cerachrom was introduced, replica Rolex used two different materials for the bezel - bakelite and aluminum. Bakelite was used in the 1950s and was made of acrylic with luminous radium numbers inside. However, it was soon discovered that bakelite bezels were prone to brittleness and cracking.

16710 Rolex GMT Master II Mens Automatic

Background To The Creation

In 1956, Rolex officially switched to aluminum bezels for its top replica watches, and continued to use them into the 2000s. Although it remained a reliable material for them for decades, it had its limitations. It did not provide the long-lasting durability that Rolex needed for its replicas watches, as they would scratch and fade over time. In 2005, Rolex finally introduced their first ceramic bezel watch - the Rolex GMT-Master II for its 50th anniversary. It became an instant hit due to its scratch and fade resistant properties, dark color and beautiful shine. Two years later, the blue ceramic bezel replica Rolex Yacht-Master Two appeared, and Rolex officially gave it the registered trademark Cerachrom - a combination of the words ceramic and chrome, which means color in Greek. The technology of Cerachrom is entirely unique to Rolex. The material starts as a very fine zirconium or alumina powder, which is then mixed with pigments to produce its color. Maximum temperatures of up to 1500 degrees can also be applied to the bezel to remove impurities and increase its strength. The result is a corrosion-resistant, virtually scratch-resistant and brightly colored bezel that is unaffected by UV rays - and whose beauty lasts for many years. Even after the strength and beauty of the Cerachrom bezel had been established, Rolex continued to work on it. In 2011, Rolex introduced the monolithic Cerachrom bezel in the Daytona Everose Gold. Instead of a crystal, this model uses a single piece of Cerachrom to hold the crystal in place to ensure water resistance.

Now Representing The Bezel

In 2013, Rolex has once again achieved what was thought to be impossible - painting two colors on one piece of ceramic. The GMT-Master's two-color aesthetic proved to be a challenge to achieve on the Cerachrom. After years of fine-tuning, Rolex beat the competition with the black and blue bezel of the Rolex GMT Master II Batman. With a case design as iconic as the Rolex Submariner, tweaking the formula can be a tricky proposition, but the modified forms of the Rolex replica Submariner watches 126610LN and Rolex Submariner 126613LN / 126613LB clearly alter those proportions. The end result is a fresh face for the historic collection, but one that is more in keeping with the brand's heritage than its most recent predecessor. replica Rolex has once again introduced another innovation in 2015 with the Rolex Yacht-Master Everose Gold. the black Cerachrom bezel insert features a sandblasted brushed finish with raised and polished indexes. Rather than using precious metals, it uses the interaction between the brushed and polished surfaces to enhance readability. Today, Rolex uses Cerachrom ceramic bezels on almost all of its professional replicas watches. Thanks to their passion for innovation, this wear-resistant material is now available in different designs and a wide range of colors, all of them deep, intense and long-lasting. The replica Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR (Rolex GMT Batman) was presented at Baselworld in 2013 and was immediately recognized by its two-tone black and blue ceramic bezel. In older Rolex GMT replicas watches had a printable aluminum insert in the bezel, which is easy to find. However, ceramic is a much harder material and Rolex said it was not possible to make a two-tone bezel out of ceramic. Two-color ceramic bezels are made from a single piece of ceramic, and the process of making them into two colors is very complex. However, the chemical process of turning the original green ceramic into two colors, black and blue, was a triumph for Rolex.

It is also heavier than the old replica Rolex GMT-Master II, even though its overall size remains the same at 40mm. Compared to the previous GMT Master, the bezel of the Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch Pepsi now clicks, which makes marking time in three different time zones much easier. The updated version features a new Oysterlink clasp that feels more durable and robust. Overall, the new GMT Master II are superior top replica watches in many ways by comparison: the ceramic bezel, the hourly rotating row, the high-quality clasp and bracelet and the new white gold option. Nonetheless, the original GMT Master II ref. 16760 has a rich history and boasts an equally valuable story.

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