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Okay, here we can see the highly anticipated and often requested watch collection video. We've broken it down into four different sections. First, the last collection remains the same. After that, we'll talk about what happened and why I decided to get rid of those replica watches, then we'll look at the new features in the collection. Finally, my wish list for the future. There are a lot of changes, including what I really want to add to the collection, so make sure you stick around. Okay, a quick recap of what I had in my last collection.

116710 BLNR Rolex GMT Master II Mens Automatic

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The next Rolex Datejust, reference number 116234, was my first replica luxury watches purchase. It turned out to be a very special watch for me. the Heuer Carrera Limited Edition Blue Dreamer is still in the collection. Now let's talk about the products that are no longer available in the collection. Obviously, if you are a fan of the channel, the most important thing you already know is the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711. if you are just watching this video, you can watch the entire video I made about the decision to sell it, the full thought process behind my decision, and the price it sold for directly through the link. The Cartier Drive has also disappeared from the collection. From the first year of production, I had a stainless steel, black dial. It's a cool watch that I wear, but it's probably one of the least worn replica watches I've ever had. It's 41mm, so it's a little big on the wrist at 6 1/2 inches. I also struggled to find ways to style it. It seems to require very specific attire and has not found a real permanent place in my watch rotation. Now, this strap may come as a big surprise to you, but it also comes from my 1977 Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675. it is a special watch, it is the birth year watch, but I kind of like the time I spent with it. I wore it less and found that I enjoyed looking at it more than actually wearing it up.

I'm someone who likes to wear my replica watches, not just treat them as museum pieces to be viewed under a glass case. So, since I kind of like it that way, I decided to give it up. About six months ago I found it on replica watches online shop and got it at a very good price and based on the prices I'm seeing now, it's really a bargain. The next addition to the collection is the Omega Seamaster. of course, James Bond has been wearing a Seamaster since 1995. since this date predates 1995, it is called the Pre-Bond Seamaster. many of these tend to be quartz movements. However, this is actually an automatic movement. It looks very similar to the Rolex replica Submariner, although the price difference is certainly significant. I really like the size of this watch. It's between 36 and 38 mm, so it fits my wrist perfectly, and it has a very nice copper green color on the hour markers as well as on all the hands, which gives it a great vintage look. The Omega is another addition to the collection, it's the Speedmaster, which is the first Omega in space. This watch is actually the full video I made for completing the purchase, unboxing it, talking about the process of why I thought I would never be a Speedmaster owner, and the process that changed my mind and led me to purchase this watch. It is so versatile. Looks great in a variety of different situations renting a belt. I wear it on most of the stuff I see here and it's a very nice brown suede belt. I think this is the new watch in the collection, and you've seen a lot of watches in my outfit videos over the past year, and it's a perfect expression of timeless elegance with details and subtleties that are only superb.

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The Submariner Hulk was introduced in 2011 and is the first Submariner among the best replica Rolex watches we have acquired, replacing the previous legendary model 50th Anniversary Edition (Ref. 16610LV), the " Kermit ". . Another reason the 116610LV Rolex Hulk is one of Rolex's best replica watches is because it is now discontinued, so you can no longer buy this watch from replica Rolex watches, but only on the pre-owned market. Its successor is the 126610LV, which was one of Rolex's best investment replica watches until it was discontinued in 2020. Since its introduction in 2005, it seems that the planetary ocean has been around for as long as many of us have been watch lovers and enthusiasts, just as the Speedmaster fits as a staple in the brand's catalog. The "planetary ocean" came rather late in the modern history of Omega, and the Seamaster Professional was introduced in 1993, the first watch used in its second largest market feat (after the Speedmaster became, of course, the "moon watch"). "The Planet Ocean was the brand's first diver with a 2500 movement with coaxial escapement, and was introduced in three variations, which is interesting compared to the 27 models and 109 variations I see in the catalog now, some thirteen years later, in 2018 . The first Planet Oceans are available in 42mm or 45.5mm with black or orange bezels. There is no doubt that the Heuer Carrera can hold this lofty title. Introduced more than half a century ago, this clean-cut watch set a new course for decades of horological design that went far beyond racing watches or chronographs. The earliest models began in 1964 and have already gained a cult following. 1960s Carreras were arguably the sleekest, most beautiful chronographs ever made. the case design is still present in TAG Heuer's current Carrera collection (as well as on some of TAG Heuer's newest replica watches online shop, including Haute Horlogerie models). The Carrera remains one of the brand's most recognizable watches, rivaled only by the Monaco. In our humble opinion, the early Carreras are seriously underrated.

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