Everything About The Rolex Replica Submariner Watch

I am a collector and fanatic of luxury replica watches and when I heard that Rebag was introducing top replica watches to their luxury lineup, I knew I had to check out their selection. Just like handbags, watches are a great investment in the luxury segment. Today, I'm going to check out one of my favorite models, the Rolex Submariner. i started collecting prestige any replica watches when I was 22 years old. I won a poker tournament in Atlantic City and rewarded myself with a Rolex timepiece - and I've been collecting watches ever since. The replica watch was introduced in 1953 when a Rolex executive convinced the company's president to get involved in diving watches. When the Rolex replica Submariner watch was first released in 1953, it was only available in stainless steel.

116610 LV Rolex Submariner Mens Automatic Green Dial

The Modern Version

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and it is now offered in many different versions: they feature a stainless steel, black Cerachrom bezel, a black dial Submariner with date, and also a non-date function; they feature a stainless steel, green bezel, green dial Submariner, also known as the "Hulk "They also come in two yellow gold variations: blue bezel with blue dial and black bezel with black dial. And, they are available in white gold with a blue bezel and blue dial, also known as the ``Smurf''. The Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular luxury replica watches that combines style and functionality. It was one of the first commercial watches to be able to dive 100 meters, in fact the 1962 movie ``Dr. No." The Submariner measures 40mm and comes with a ceramic bezel, a Maxi case and an Oyster bracelet. The Oyster bracelet is equipped with a sliding locking clasp that allows the customer to adjust the bracelet size at home. The Submariner is equipped with a trip-lock crown that makes the Rolex Submariner replica watch fully water resistant - up to 300 meters, almost a thousand feet in fact. The stainless steel model retails for eight to nine thousand dollars, while the gold model retails for thirty thousand dollars.

Professional Dive Watches

More exclusive color combinations such as the Hulk and Kermit Submariners range in price from about one hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars to twenty-one thousand dollars. Even though the Submariner is a dive Rolex replica Submariner watch , the solid gold version can be considered a grand dress replica watch. Its blue bezel and blue dial really draws attention to itself. Rolex released the 116610 LV in 2010, a green Submariner with a green bezel and a green dial, also known as the Hulk. This replica watch today is one of the most popular versions of the Rolex Submariner. If you are interested in the world of luxury replica watches, then the Rolex Submariner is a great Rolex replica Submariner watch. A number of variants can be purchased at the retail level, with certain stainless steel versions demanding a higher market value and actually selling for more than the retail price. Since its introduction in 1953, the Submariner has become not only one of the most popular dive watches, but one of the most popular and sought after sports luxury replica watches overall. I'm justin. thank you for watching! Go to replicamagic3.to and check out their selection of luxury replica watches.

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